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Meet  Char Swoveland, owner/designer at “Junk Evolution” in South Bend, IN.

Her makeover included:

Cut and Color by Nicholas J Salon and Spa. Stylists Brandie Humphrey and Racheal Hamilton created her sleek look, warming up Char’s skin tone with a rich color selection. The cut was designed to frame Chars pretty face with soft layers, leaving enough length to provide optimal styling options.

Camellia store owner and lead makeup artist Rebecca Maalouf created a new makeup look for Char. She choose soft peach and honey tones to brighten around Chars eyes, finishing the look with a clean but decisive swipe of black liner mascara, focusing on the top lashes. Bronzer was applied along the cheekbone, followed with nude blush and a shimmering brown lip color. The total effect is clean and polished.

Wardrobe stylist Alanna Keenan brought style and shape to Chars look, scouring local stores to find the perfect pieces to compliment Chars assets and showcase her classic but playful style. Once Re-Styled, we quickly discovered Char’s secret weapon, her legs!



Meet Linda , owner/designer at Junk Evolution in South Bend, IN.

Her Re-Style included:

Hair: Nicholas J Salon and Spa Stylist Brandie Humphrey created a style for Linda that showed off her artsy and fun personality. The choice of allover color and multiple highlights gave Linda an instant lift. Her cut was designed to flatter her features and look beautiful.

Makeup: Camellia makeup artist Rebecca Maalouf had one goal in mind, to show off Linda’s beautiful blue eyes. A quick brow shaping was first on her agenda. The shade of eyeshadow was a surprisingly dark shade of blue gray, a shade Rebecca swears is the fastest way to make blue eyes pop. (Tip: the color shade is called “shark” for those of you that might want to re-create this effect on your own eyes). A fuller coverage makeup and brighter blush and lip color finished Linda’s fresh look.

Wardrobe Styling: Alanna was quick with suggestions for shape and color to transform Linda’s look. Her first style offered an softly repeating color pallet, with layers specifically chosen to gently drape Linda’s shape. Skinny jeans and comfy boots created a long and lean lower body shape.
Linda’s Holiday dress perfectly showcased her petite curves, while giving her swinging style.


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  • char  says:

    It truly was an amazing experience! So much fun. I had my new outfit on at work yesterday and got lots of compliments, and an out of town customer (who comes in when she is in town) said, “Oh my gosh, it is you. You look so much younger!
    Needless to say I’m loving my new look!

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